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Clearly there are a large number of us who would like to see OF work well with a calendar, in some cases even turning tasks into events. Regardless of what DA says, I simply call that planning my day/time. Some of us just want to see everything we need to do today in one place, whether it be a scheduled or an unscheduled task.

Some of our burden comes from the limits that Apple places on iCal and it's To Do list. And OF has to live with some of those limits. I too wish OF would selectively sync to Apple events rather than or in addition to tasks. It would also work for me if OF synced to tasks and Apple would provide a link from To Do tasks to events I manually schedule from those To Dos (drag a To Do item to the calendar). I agree with other posters that links would serve us all well (remembering Claris Organizer and Personal Organizer).

Here is one solution via OF w/ iCal:
Have OF sync to iCal's To Do list, then drag the To Dos to the calendar as you see fit to schedule them. Be sure "Include each action's context in its calendar item title" is checked in OF iCal preferences to make it easier to find the associated To Do list/OF items later.

Get OF on an iPhone or iPod touch to serve you when you are away from your computer.

Hope that Omni soon provides a way to more narrowly select what gets synced to iCal (I like the Flag idea; sync only Flagged items).

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