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Hi all,

This might not be strictly OF-relevant, but since it has a potential of being an OF-related question, and since the gurus of Mac productivity dwell in this forum (I'm sure Merlin Mann must be lurking to pick Curt's and whpalmer's brains), I thought I'd ask. As always, I'll be grateful and interested in all your thoughts and solutions!

My email workflow right now depends on my MacBook Pro. I have 4 email accounts that dump in there (I know, I'd love to cut down, but 2 are institutional and I can't do anything about them), which of course will be oh so much nicer when iOS4 brings unitary inbox to the iPad.
Anyway, I'm using a combination of MailTags and MailActon (MailTags pretty much only in conjunction with the script to send an awaiting reply action item to OF) to deal with my email. I have a folder hierarchy mirroring my general set-up (@Action, @Action support, @Waiting For, ..., active projects [1 folder each], etc.). When I empty my inbox during my daily review, I extensively use MailActon to move messages to the appropriate folders. I really like this workflow, in the sense that a) it gives me great satisfaction while emptying the inbox (it feels like I'm appropriately classifying the emails and getting them "in my system") and b) it works as effectively as my physical filing system in terms of retrieving information.
That said, the folders are not mirrored in any cloud or virtual location away from my MBPro (including for my MobileMe account).
Now that I'm switching the majority of my workflow to the iPad for anything but the most CPU-demanding applications, I would however like to be able to integrate my email processing with the new platform.
I could have done more to integrate my email workflow to OF on he laptop; I have resisted this so far, as the arrangement with Mail was very satisfying. I'm interested in hearing of any ideas or solutions you might be using to deal with this type of workflow on the iPad, including of course greater integration of email with OF.