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I've given up on automating waiting - from email, and did so long before getting my iPad. Everything I'd tried was too fragile and I realized that I wasn't gaining enough in automation. So, now I just Quick Enter a new @waiting action after I send the email.
for this specific purpose I created one e-mail account with three different aliases, named (for DevonThink), (for not waiting for action for Omnifocus) and (for waiting for action); I set up mail rules that launch three different apple scripts to send the e-mails to the right program and also with the right parameters (I'm not so smart with Apple Script yet, so I have two separate scripts for waiting for and not waiting for actions).
Wherever I do my work, I simply send myself an e-mail to the right address: this could be a forward of an e-mail I received, a ccn to ofw@ of an e-mail I sent, or a link from the browser sent to dt@ for something I want to keep in my archive.
When I open my mail client on the mac (that happens at least once a day) all e-mails sent to these address are automatically processed.