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Thanks for the tips, Francesco. A beautifully intricate workflow!
Well, indeed this workflow is more to help the capture that not the filing, since when the e-mails go to OF or DT I need to process them.
This way I just got over the iPad limits and simplified the capturing (I can send e-mail from any device).

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Now out of curiosity, because I haven't actually looked at it in some time, is there a way to integrate DevonThink with iPhone/iPad/cloud?
Unfortunately it seems not, and I don't follow the DT forums so much to know if there is some users tips to get DT in the cloud.
To be honest, I don't know DT very much.

I'm guessing that, since you can use DT even to just index your files, and not phisically hold them, you can have a robust archive on the mac, and still put all your well-organized folder in a dropbox account, to have them on the iPad.
I'm going to study DT and archiving these days, so maybe in a couple of week I can have some more useful hint.