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There are 2 things that irk me about Omnifocus for ipad, that I think would be substantial timesavers and UI enhancements.

1. New Task Button on the Grey Bar for a project. Having to Hold down the bar and wait for "New Task" to come up is very frustrating. Why not just add a simple plus sign icon? Tap it and the New Task info pane pops up. Simple and clean.

2. Defaulting the Start date to TODAY. I like to move my due dates up to the future if I miss them. Why not make it so if the due date is in the past, when you hit +1 day the first time it goes to TODAY? Now if I'm 5 days past the due date, I have to hit +1 several times to set the day. Or just add a TODAY button somewhere.

These to enhancements would really simplify working with Omnifocus for the iPad.