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1. New Task Button on the Grey Bar for a project. Having to Hold down the bar and wait for "New Task" to come up is very frustrating. Why not just add a simple plus sign icon? Tap it and the New Task info pane pops up. Simple and clean.
If you are only displaying one project, use the + button at upper right followed by New Action to add actions without any delays.

If you are displaying multiple projects, tap and hold on the project bar for the project where you want to add actions. Choose Focus. Now follow the directions for a single project, above. If you only have one action to add, however, tap and hold and New Action is probably about as quick.
2. Defaulting the Start date to TODAY. I like to move my due dates up to the future if I miss them. Why not make it so if the due date is in the past, when you hit +1 day the first time it goes to TODAY? Now if I'm 5 days past the due date, I have to hit +1 several times to set the day. Or just add a TODAY button somewhere.
First tap the white x in the black circle to clear any date. Now the date will default to today when tapping the +1 buttons, so a +1 day will get you tomorrow, etc.

To make an official feature request, use the Contact Omni option in the Gear menu. Forum posts don't get tallied or reliably added to the development database, and the work is prioritized in part by the number of requests, so if you want it, take the time to request it in the right place.