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Context view on the iPad sorts the actions by the order of their containing project. OmniFocus uses project order as the last sort method, so if you have two actions with the same context and the same due date, the action from the project listed first in the sidebar project list will be the first one. This allows you to prioritize by ordering your projects.

Your proposed perspective can be optimized a bit for this usage if you set it to include only Due Soon actions, and only show Available actions. It sounds like you might be a fan of putting a due date on everything (not really a recommended practice, but the GTD police aren't going to come for you, either), and this will cut down the number of actions shown. It will be easier to scroll through the list if it isn't also showing items due next year. Also, use the little triangles at the upper right of each grouping to collapse or expand sections. Press and hold to bring up a Collapse All or Expand All popup, or tap to collapse or expand that section only.

You should use the Contact Omni option in the gear menu to send in your requests for the ability to have a different default sort, build perspectives directly on the iPad, etc. Forum posts aren't guaranteed to get into the development database, but email from Contact Omni is.