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Hi thanks for the reply. I'll try group by Due Soon.

Actually I don't like putting any dates on tasks unnecessarily. However if I don't put a date, the tasks will be missing from my Forecast. I am afraid to have missed out tasks without dates.

All I want is one view with all tasks due today, and all tasks without dates, hopefully sorted by priority, filtered by context. Then I can concentrate mugging on those tasks - I think that's my objective in using this app.

But it seems I have to go Forecast view now, then to Project view to check any tasks with no dates (and they are unsorted), then maybe to Context view to check any tasks with no dates (and they are sorted by Projects).

I mean I'll be going back and forth just to make sure tasks with no dates are worked on when I have free time.

That's why I had been adding a due date to almost every task and it's daunting and not a good GTD practice.

Will write an email to Omnifocus regarding the sorting in default view thanks!