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Actually I don't like putting any dates on tasks unnecessarily. However if I don't put a date, the tasks will be missing from my Forecast. I am afraid to have missed out tasks without dates.

All I want is one view with all tasks due today, and all tasks without dates, hopefully sorted by priority, filtered by context. Then I can concentrate mugging on those tasks - I think that's my objective in using this app.

But it seems I have to go Forecast view now, then to Project view to check any tasks with no dates (and they are unsorted), then maybe to Context view to check any tasks with no dates (and they are sorted by Projects).
It's natural to want a view that shows everything, rather than have to look at more than one view. Unfortunately, it turns out to be hard to do well. Better to have a couple of views that do a good job on their respective areas and cover everything as a group, IMO.

My approach is to use Forecast view to tackle the tasks due today, doing as many as possible before moving to anything else. Then I'll look at the tasks starting today, and tasks which I have flagged. If I enter a new context, I'll take a look at all the tasks available in that context, just to see if there's something I might want to do now even if it isn't currently urgent the idea here is that some contexts I can't enter at my convenience, so if I've got a chance to knock off some tasks which aren't yet urgent, that might be better than picking something else which isn't urgent from a context I regularly visit. Flagged tasks I populate while doing my reviews, and they represent what I think I should be working on in the near term, but don't necessarily have dates attached. I'll take a periodic look at the Forecast view throughout the day to see if something has become available.