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Can I summarize the personal approach and task management rules?

Repeat daily...
1) Forecast - tackle as many due Today as possible
2) Forecast - review tasks start today
3) Flagged - tackle flagged tasks
4) Context - tackle (non-urgent) tasks without due dates
5) Project - tackle (non-urgent) tasks without due dates

Task management rules
1) Enter tasks in Inbox as and when I encounter
2) Review Inbox item periodically (every end of day) to:
- classify Context and Project
- set Start/Due Date (only if required!)
- flag task if you want to do it before Due date
3) Go Review weekly to review all projects

I will try to adapt to this approach if that's correct.

I am still quite uncertain about setting the Start/Due date, do we only set it when required?

I've emailed OF to request for Sorting function in Projects and Context, so hope it gets implemented soon.