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Thanks for the Goalscape idea. It helps a lot to visualize. It just lacks so many options... I tried to figure out this idea in the past. So simple... just a circle. I wanted to figure out in the past, how to manage my limited free time to achieve maximum in the areas I care about the most. I haven't found anything which would answer my question the way I want. I have spent too much time trying to figure this out, or rather waisted. If they would apply options like, instead of %'s to see actual time I have. It would be so much easier to plan realistically.

Maybe you have any tips to do that and don't spend a day on trying to figure that out.

I have a major problem with balance. If I try to push too hard towards my passion, my school suffers. If am focused only on school and I try to do as much these small tasks as possible, than I have no progress towards my dreams and getting better in my craft. That's when OF and GTD is not perfect solution for me. I can manage school, work, responsibilities very efficiently, but I don't do anything to be the best in my area I want to work in the future. I know it sounds like I don't know by myself what I want...

I even don't have an idea what I'm writing. I should better go and kill myself (I'm not serious).