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@whpalmer4 *thanks so much for that clarification. I continue to learn these things and your overview is a great help.

One thing I noted in your explanation:

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task is assigned to a project or action group which has a start date assigned which is in the future
So I wonder what happens if I have a task that originally was assigned an earlier start date, but then I move it to a sequential or action list that has a later start date? I'll lose track of that until the list or project start date comes around, huh? Something to watch, I think.

@wilsonng *interesting approach to project management and it might work for me on some things, like projects with multiple tasks etc., since I use OF a lot for capturing action items from email, for following up to email and reminding me what I'm "waiting" for on projects or email/phone calls, I'm using start date to tickle me on these things to see if i need to drop them or ping a contact that I'm waiting on.

The other thing that I haven't got my head around is the single action item "thing" or "Icon" -

For example, I have an ongoing projects called 'rental property'; occassionally a tenant needs something done, bids need to be received, or other action items need to happen. Much of these are single action items that happen over the course of months. But that is set up as a project and not a single action item *and I use this concept of start dates to tickle me on follow up and necessary action.

Am I not doing this correctly from your best practices?