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The OmniPlan docs clearly describe what to do in the event of two common cases in updating a live schedule: being on-schedule (via Catch up) and being behind schedule (via Reschedule). But what's the best way to update the actual schedule when things are (freakishly) running ahead of schedule? The docs are silent on this point. The best quick solution I've come up with is:
  1. Change "Effort" for the tasks completed early. This is easy to fudge, as I really want to say "the task completed at time X" and let OmniPlan figure out what the real effort was using the start time and work hours/calendar data. I went the lazy route.
  2. Level the tasks before marking them as completed, lest OmniPlan try to double-book me when I level (uncompleted tasks can be leveld to occupy the same time as completed tasks for the same resource -- looks like a bug).
  3. Mark the tasks completed.

This is a pain. Is there a better workflow? Also, what's the practical difference between Effort vs. Duration? The semantic distinction between these to OmniPlan wasn't clear when just fiddling about with these; I stuck with the Effort fudge for simplicity.