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Hi Russeltop,

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Firstly, great software, although obviously a v1 in terms of features.

A couple of things I'd love to see in future versions:

- Stronger financial planning, tracking, and reporting capabilities. I find OmniPlan great for controlling the project schedule, not so great for controlling project finances.

- Report writing. Perhaps an interface to allow users to generate custom reports? The current custom report approach is flexible but a little low on the usability front. Also making more fields available for use in custom reports would be great.
We have feature requests for these two in our database, so I'll add another vote to them for you. :-)

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Availability of activity "elements". The ability to assign issues, risks, events, etc. against activities. I find this an extremely useful capability in other products.
I'm not too familiar with these elements. Could you elaborate? If you need to send in any examples, you can email them to