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Originally Posted by RussleTop
If you think about the things you need to manage in a typical project:

- scope
- schedule
- budget
- risk
- issues
- quality
- communication

I'd like the ability to document risks, issues, and background information againtst activites in the project i.e. document all these things in one place and then report on them from there.

This concept might be extended to allow documents, to-do lists, deliverable quality standards, etc. to all be coordinated through OP.

Of course a good reporting engine would be essential for communicating the documented elements to stakeholders.

You can currently add notes to each task in OmniPlan. I know it's a bit simple compared to what you're looking for, so I want to ask you for your opinion on what you would like to see changed/added to our current notes feature to do the job better? We have a separate feature request for the ability to attach/link files and documents to an OmniPlan project as well, so I'll add a vote to that for you.