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I think David Allen would say that in this case the next action is to actually decide where to buy the tickets - that is the next step required to move the ticket-buying project forward.

Then when that decision is made, you can add a new task 'buy tickets' to OmniFocus in either the calls or online contexts (or your equivalents thereof).
I disagree. Entering a "decide where to buy tickets" action seems like "slicing it too thin" to me. Not to be facetious, but before you "decide where to buy tickets", shouldn't you research relative service charges and calculate the relative cost of phone minutes vs. internet connection time, and ...? I've sometimes fallen into the trap of procrastinating by always putting a next action in the way. (It's really Zeno's dichotomy paradox in action. If I'm afraid to reach a goal, I can always keep dividing the steps between me and the goal into more and more next actions.) For an "over-organizer" like me, too many next actions can be as big a roadblock as not identifying the real next action.

As to the original question, currently you cannot assign multiple contexts. There has been extensive discussion on the forums about adding multiple context support, or some notion of tags or labels. There are a few ways to deal with cases like Buy Tickets now.
  • Create a new context for "Phone or On-line".
  • Enter the action twice with two different contexts.
  • Enter the action in just one context. (This is really like bongoman's suggestion, but assumes that picking the context takes less than 2 minutes.)

Personally, I would use the third option. I seldom am in a single context at a time. For example, currently I can choose actions from my home:office context, any of my computer contexts, my phone context, or my briefcase context. I use cmd-clicks in context view to select all of them. So even though Buy Tickets might be in the Phone context, it would show in my list and I could choose to do it using the web instead.