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Well, here's an example of what I was talking about; the issue for me is that I have tasks that can be done in several different contexts, but not in ANY context. I manage a few networks on hardware VPNs, and if I need to (for example) reconfigure a specific machine, I can only do it from an office where I can access the VPN. There are three of those locations/contexts. So I could create a new context of "Any of the VPN-accessible contexts", more or less, and use that... but this quickly becomes an enormous matrix if I need to define "supercontexts" of all of the possible context combinations in which I might be able to do things. I'd like to keep my total number of contexts as small as possible.

It would be a lot easier for what I do to be able to tag a task with multiple contexts, any of which could apply.

If there are other ways to achieve this without multiple contexts, I'm open to ideas, but I do need to be able to select a single context and see everything I could be doing in that context. To me, there's meaning in the association of a task with a context, so picking one single context from a number of candidates also infers that the task is less meaningful or important in the contexts I don't choose to put it in, so it would make more sense to me to be able to put a single task in multiple contexts when needed.