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Needless to say, I'm not to happy about this lack of responsiveness, although I love the Omni group! I'm probably dong something stupid, but I think us beta testers are owed a minimum level of support.
Sorry about the delay in answering your support question: we do respond to every message (eventually), but we've had an overwhelming amount of feedback sent to since we started the sneaky peeks and right now our support ninjas are 2-3 weeks behind (with 1,055 messages to go to catch up). We're in the process of hiring another ninja now, but while that will help in the long term it takes even more time out of our schedules in the short term (as we interview candidates).

As for your problem itself: as Curt suggested, you might try switching to showing all your remaining actions (rather than just the available ones). You might also check your toolbar Search field in Project view to see if a search string is accidentally entered that might be filtering out all of your actions. (We've started preserving the contents of the search field, which might be a surprise.)

I hope this helps!

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