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Here's how you can make this work.

Context list:

-Other Place

In short, even without multiple Contexts per action, you can view several Contexts at once, which is often just as good. [Not always though I'd still like some limited meta data, but I've learned how to get along without it.]

Good suggestion, but I would suggest that you don't really need to create additional contexts for Adam. In fact, DA would suggest that this is completely unnecessary. He always preaches in his book and seminar about simplicity and parsimony in creating contexts. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of discipline in assigning items to a context as well.

So, my suggestion would be



Now you might have your own system about how to assign an action item to a place or people, but given OF's ability to select multiple items, it doesn't really matter whether I put this action into place or people. I have my own rules as to whether it should go into place or people, but YMMV on this anyway; so, I won't even talk about it here.

You can select Cornucopia, Adam, and Sarah to see get all the items pertaining to these contexts.

This is equivalent to using a paper/pencil system. In that case, I would take out three pieces of papers (containing each context) to scan for my next action(s).


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