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I have tried many GTD apps to solve this. If OmniFocus could paste lines of text as tasks it would come closer to this (iGTD can do this).
OmniFocus does paste lines of text as tasks when you're in row-selection mode rather than editing a single field value. You can get to row-selection mode by either clicking on the left edge of a row or by pressing the Escape key to stop editing a field.

The you would have the option of saving "Templates" of frequently used projects and would save a lot of time.
You can also set up template projects within OmniFocus, by creating a "Templates" folder and marking it Inactive using the contextual menu (so that none of the projects inside are treated as active projects). Then you can copy those projects out of your Templates folder each time you need a new one. (You can use Copy and Paste or Option-Drag to copy a project.)

Using AppleScript, Curt Clifton has created an even richer template system for OmniFocus that replaces placeholders with user-entered strings and adjust all dates by a fixed interval. Check out his Populate Template Placeholders script (which includes instructions for installation and use).

Hope this helps!