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I would just like to point out that the new spam attack from chinaxmsink looks from that name as if it comes from Xiamen where I live. It is nothing whatsoever to do with me; I haven't even followed up the link to see if it is from here. If I am right, then it is probably coming through Fujian Telecom, and if Fujian Telecom were to be black-listed as a result, I for one would be blocked.

We have no choice of ISPs here ... my options are Fujian Telecom broadband, or Fujian Telecom dial-up. Although there is at least one other broadband network, I think they have to lease lines off China Telecom, of which Fujian Telecom is the local arm.

The educational network is different, but I don't live on campus, and if I did I would still not be able to use it, as the network administrators install a .exe on your system, presumably for user validation, and have no intention of setting up a validation system that works with OS-X.

(whose screen name is markxm on a number of systems)