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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but GTD does call for prioritization. The difference is that they're not explicitly recorded in the system because, by David Allen's reckoning, priorities are ephemeral, frequently changing, and entirely relative to the other actions on your list and the situation you're in.
I can't speak to what GTD is or isn't. I'm just going by the rather huge push-back against prioritization in OF.

The reason that in F-C approach you start with your governing values is because then you find that your day's priorities aren't shifting around on you so much. This may come more naturally to a goals-focused orientation than a process-focused orientation. Otherwise what you end up doing each day may not end up serving your longer-term goals, or even short-term goals if they span beyond the day.

The tags Ken Case mentions might be a kludge that could work. I may give them a try. But in the end I think I've been spending time on something that doesn't serve my long-term goals.