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Oh, right, you need a pre-printed glorified laundry list that has a priority column and fits in a snazzy leather binder :-)
It's snide comments like this that make me feel like this is just an argument about dogma. You might as well say "All you F/C people can go take a flying leap because we don't want you here." Well, that "snazzy leather binder" changed my life very much for the better, and while I may have become disenchanted with the software that was designed to support it I did not become disenchanted with the ideas behind it.

For better or worse there seem to be plenty of people who feel a priority system would be useful. There are also plenty who don't, and that's ok with me. What I don't understand is the investment that some people seem to have in telling other's what the tools they use should, and should not, be able to do. After all, no one but me sees my projects, or my next actions, or anything else that I do in OF. What could it possibly mater to anyone if I chose to implement a priority system, or for that mater if I ask for one. I payed my $80 like everyone else.

I bought David Allen's book, as I said I would in another thread, and I've been reading it. OF, being based on a different system than I'm used to, does some things that I don't understand yet, and I'm trying to figure out why, and how I can use these new tools to make my life a bit easier. If you want to offer some tips and suggestions about how I can make better use of OF that's great, but don't treat me like some empty headed ninny who was dazzled by a "snazzy leather binder." Frankly I find it insulting.