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I have a project with all items concluded that won't go away. Is that normal?

I had a project called "Fix auto body" with tasks solicit advice on shop, call for appointment, bring car in. All of those are completed and the checked-off items are now invisible unless I use the View menu to show all. But the project remains. If I try to delete it I am warned, "Oy, if you delete this all the hidden items are gone too!" In this case I don't care, but I sort of think that it's probably useful to keep old items around for the same reason I don't consider emptying iCal of appointments from last year: once in a blue moon it's EXTREMELY useful to be able to figure out what happened way back when.

So...should I just nuke the project or what?

Despite what I said it's useful to have recurring projects (e.g. my weekly sunday review) remain since I may add tasks to it. But this one, being one-shot, is worthless.