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Every line-item entry in OF is either a project or a task. But what if it could also be just an "item"?

For example, my "Make Dinner" project involves the task "Buy groceries." I would like to be able to input "bread," "greens," and "dressing" as child items under the "Buy groceries" task. Once I've checked off all the items, the task will be complete.

I can do this today, but OF will treat these items as tasks of their own. Perhaps a future version of OF could support "dumb" items that would behave more like regular OmniOutliner entries. So we could have projects, tasks AND plain old lists of items, all within OF. (Currently, I use a combination of OF, OO and paper.)

This feature would be even more useful to me once OF for iPhone comes out, so I can check off non-task items as I acquire them.