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Grrr. I was posting a "quick reply" and getting annoyed at the small posting window, but when I clicked "Go Advanced" (and now "Post Reply") that took me someplace to login. And my post was gone. I *knew* I should have copied it before pressing any buttons.

When another list I was on switched to a forum, I was against the idea. But I soon grew to appreciate it. That forum uses SMF. I'm pretty sure I could get all the messages poured into my email. But I read it in the forum.

By the way, the distorted text in registering was a little too distorted. I missed the first time. If there's a setting for that, maybe make it easier.

On the profile page and the URL for a home page, give an example of whether http:// is needed or not.

I really miss the zoom editing especially with this itty-bitty posting window. And it isn't obvious where to click to post.

Now back to testing OW rather than forum software.