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One other point,
I don't agree that having all those thoughts is a bad thing, which from your perspective it seems like you think the halo is a bad thing. To me, it is a form of the brainstorm. It's great to have more ideas while working on something else.
I don’t think it’s a bad thing, just an awkward thing. I agree that the new ideas that arise as you work are valuable, and probably the only way many of them can happen.

The problem occurs when I am distracted by those ideas instead of sending them into the inbox.
But that’s the problem! :-) I am consistently distracted. Every damn time.

I guess in my last post I was speculating that maybe, perhaps, possibly a way to mitigate the halo effect to make it a bit more manageable would be to face the reality that our systems, trustworthy though they may be with the ideas we feed into them, probably need routine injections of extra brainstorming of actions. The halo effect may be something of a barometer of how good a job we are doing of capturing in general. We probably don’t want to (and cannot) completely eliminate the halo effect, but probably want to (and can) reduce the amount of distraction of new ideas while we work by making a habit of routinely injecting more, more, more into the system. Shoot, our commitments cannot truly be bottomless. Can they? ;-)

Boiled down: spend more time brainstorming actions to minimize (not eliminate) halo effect?