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Snoozing an item is conceptually distinct from deferring and should have its own script. ("Defer" modifies the task itself, pushing it back in time; "snoozing" hides it from your attention without altering the due date.)

So here's an AppleScript to "snooze" selected OmniFocus items by setting their start date to a future value.

  1. Run the script with one or more items selected in OmniFocus
  2. Choose how long you would like to snooze the items (in # of days)
The script will then set the start date of selected items to the current date + the number of days selected in step 2. For example, snoozing with the default value of 1 day will set the tasks to begin at 12:00 AM tomorrow.

Finally, if you have Growl installed, the script will display a Growl confirmation.

I highly recommend initiating the script from a third-party launcher such as FastScripts or Quicksilver. This will prevent delays within the OmniFocus application due to Growl bugs.)

Grab it here.