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Available for sequential projects is really kind of pointless. It can only show at the max 1 which gives you no sense as to how much work is left on a project. If you are trying to show wether a sequential project has any available actions in it then some other sort of visual display might be more appropriate (a green icon, maybe a different color for the background of the project in the list, I don't know). But have a number 1 there doesn't seem to really make sense. It gives the impression that there is just one more thing to do.

You really have to ask, what is it you want to communicate?

1. How much work is left on a project, or
2. Does this project have an action that is available right now?

Both things would be really useful but they are very different pieces of information.

What would be really great is to filter the project list so only those projects with available actions are displayed. Then I can just focus on what I can do now, instead of seeing projects that can't currently work on because they don't have an available action.

BTW - right now there is no live updating of this number. If I go in and add a new action to a project that has no available actions the number doesn't appear to the right. I have to refresh the project list somehow to get it to show up.