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I have never tried using phone or web addresses in my notes but if its true its quite an oversight and something that should be fixed.

Also, I think, calendar based alarms are a great idea (I would prefer them over push) - however they are little harder to "get". (Even though the technical difficulties related to setting up push and calendar are apple's decision - I believe user ends up blaming the app !!)

While I will ignore the OP's negative tone - I do hope the product team realizes that the product is now pretty damn complex and it is very hard for a newbie to set or explore what it can do and how.

As a point example - I think the sync choices are unnecessarily complex and were driven by engineers more than users.

There should really be only two options to sync:
  • omnifocus run server (automatically set up, free and tied to your serial number of purchase)
  • a "hidden" webdav option

More about my rant is here: