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I have never tried using phone or web addresses in my notes but if its true its quite an oversight and something that should be fixed.
It's not true. A phone number or URL in the action name won't work, but a phone number or URL in the notes field will.
Also, I think, calendar based alarms are a great idea (I would prefer them over push) - however they are little harder to "get".
What do you mean by that? Harder to understand the concept and mechanism?
As a point example - I think the sync choices are unnecessarily complex and were driven by engineers more than users.
I don't know if I agree with this; I think it's a business decision by Omni not to provide a server that they maintain, and setting up sync on the iPhone is comparable in difficulty to the other syncing iPhone apps that I've come across.

More about my rant is here:
I like how you say "Omnifocus currently offers 4 different ways to sync data from iphone to mac" but then list one that doesn't apply to the iphone to mac case and even point that out yourself :) I would also disagree that setting up Bonjour is appreciably more difficult than setting up MobileMe.

But let's explore your idea a bit more: how do you propose that the Mac know what the URL on the Omni-provided server is to be? What authentication means will be provided so that someone can't just snarf random data from that server? How will your desktop know what those authentication credentials are, without introducing comparable complexity to what is there now?