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I suggest that we try setting up evernote sync (or facebook "sync"). I do not know of any other iphone app that want you to install webdav server as one possible option.
Wants you to? No, offers you the choice to do so, and even provides it, in the Bonjour case.


Point taken. Technically you are right. However, I will still say that it is listed right there with other options and a user considering which option to use iPhone sync with has to review and understand it. hence, it adds to the complexity of the sync subsystem.
Aren't we talking about the iPhone/iPod? It's not listed there. No need to understand it if it isn't an option.

There is this nifty "technology" called "username and password" - I hear lots of folks are using it on the internets !!
I thought this was all going to be automatically set up? So now you have to have a mechanism to get the username and password from this system that set it all up automatically, and configure it into the desktop client. That doesn't sound very automatic to me, it sounds like the same transactions you go through setting up the current system.