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So now you have to have a mechanism to get the username and password from this system that set it all up automatically, and configure it into the desktop client. That doesn't sound very automatic to me, it sounds like the same transactions you go through setting up the current system.
usernames and password are used by mobileme and webdav systems. so, the complexity will be similar to what you are describing but the advantage is that they will be available to everybody and work everywhere (unlike bonjour). mobileme requires yearly subscription and webdav is in geekland so I will argue that running a un/pw based system by omnifocus is the best and most user-friendly option.

In fact, I will again stress that if you have this omnifocus-server option you do not need any other options (except for some super-privacy-conscious folks) and the current 4-5 choices (why is "nothing" a choice?) are too complex and user unfriendly.

As far as the question of if its the business decision of omni to run such a server - it, of course, is a business decision (just like every feature and this forum).

However, we must remember that Omnifocus is about 75% to 150% as expensive as the next best alternative (desktop as well as iphone version) so I imagine the cost to run a few webdav servers (for something that is not bandwidth, computation or storage expensive) is not a likely factor (think about it, evernote gives you 40MB of NEW storage every month FOR FREE).