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1. Yes I have tried them. The problem is that I don't want every action with a due date on time on it to be an alert. I have some that come up and turn red/orange when I need to worry about them but they are not ones that I necessarily want to be alerted to with a message and a be-doop. So, alerts as currently rendered are annoying and not useful to me. In point of fact, they way they are set up is worse than not having them because I get drowned in a sea of notifications.

If this method had a flag such that (a) if the item had a due date/time AND (b) the alert flag on the action was set, then to notify. The other way to do this would be to add an alert time in the action that is separate from the due time. Then this would work and would work well. Right now. No.

2. I'm familiar with the argument of (a) needing the internet and (b) not all customers are iPhones. The response to this is that OF's competition is finding a way around that, it is an often asked for option which indicates a significant portion of the user base wants it. If you read the forums of these other apps - RTM and Appigo Todo this was a feature that users were rabid to get. So, it is almost a universally desired capability in all the competitors too.

The 60/40 iPhone/ipod issue is funny when you look at the massive number of iPhones being sold and the dominance that they are achieving in the smartphone market. It may be 60% but it is 60% of a HUGE number that is getting huge-er fast. I don't think anyone expected the iPhone device market to be this big this fast, therefore that 60% represents a lot more users than were expected anyhow . Be realistic.

Omni may be "right" but it is also a probable case of winning the battle and losing the war if you take the competitive feature perspective. The position taken by the "high priests" of GTD will generate a business loss on this one, I'm afraid.

#2 could very well be handled by a better #1 - or at least 90% of it.