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I think Apple is doing a beautiful job with the iPhone interface, but it is not an open platform and far more people have non-Apple phones. As long as there is no 3G service in my state, I'll be sticking to my stupid candybar phone and my iPod Touch. Has the reasoning changed for a small shop like Omni to stick with a narrow platform sector with the teen-age of the pocket computer? I don't expect to be let in on internal company discussions here, and people reading these posts are pleased with their Apples, but where's the future? If I can buy a smart phone from my local mobile company next year running Android, will I stop using OF?
The market outside the iPhone itself is very fragmented; developing 10 versions of OF, especially with the primitive Java SDKs on many of these phones, would be 50x the work, to perhaps increase the potential market by 25%. It would be a waste of time, if there are still features they could add in the existing app.

I think, for now, if you want to use OF on a mobile device, your option is to get an iPhone or an iPod touch.