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I'm one of the unfortunate millions who CAN NOT get an iPhone - because I live in an area of the US that does NOT have AT&T (and I won't even go into jailbreaking, iPod Touch, yadda, yadda - sorry - just not quite my thing to geek out THAT far for a device that's supposed to be dead simple to use).

I'm a Mac Geek, but with the Android coming out next week on Verizon (which I'm currently on), and the iPhone maaaybbbeeee not coming to Verizon for several more months after (probably??? hopefully???) - I'm probably going to get a Droid. I'm just plain tired of waiting - it's been years. Literally.

So, here's my vote for OmniFocus on Droid. Cheers. :)
I have multiple mac's and live and die daily by OF on my Mac and Iphone.
but really I have played with the Droid phone, and as WIRED would say:
Wired: Droid, Tired: Iphone". Then again, I did buy an iphone just to
run OF, but AT&T is killing me. As a Network Architect for real-time embedded systems for 20 years, and 10 years in real-time embedded systems development running on AT&T in NY is like running Bell102.
I get 76Kbs up and 30Kbs down. On my Mac I use a Vzn CDMA Rev A broadband card and get about 1.2Mbs down, 670Kbs up. With recent loss of Bingodisk support for WEBDAV, and Swissdisk major crash, I have to say Mobileme hasn't had those issues in a long while, but syncing with MM
via AT&T is frustrating.

Buying an Iphone, and switching to MAC for the best SW design of the GTD method (and I tried them all), I would indeed buy a Droid just for OF on Verizons network.

I was watching a screencast from screencastonline podcast, and they did
3 sessions on THINGS. I don't care for it because of the way they try to
make contexts fit in to their software via a Kludge, but they are developing
for Android. Heck the bulk of the code is C based. Mac OS X is a Cocco
Gui on Darwin Linux, Android is a linux based OS, how tough could this really be? Not trivial, but the bulk of the logic is transferrable, leaving the GUI code and Sync.

I am not jumping ship because Vzn is being stupid about the Droid charging $45 extra if you want to sync with exchange at work, and finding ways to
$10 and $20 dollar you to death. But OF on Android with Mac sync ability would be awesome.:cool: