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Same here, when having a column containing the project, it is not really necessary for me to have that extra project row below the action. My experience is: I'd perhaps like to have that row below if my action was the last one in the project, but probably only then. I would, however, prefer a pop-up saying something like "No more actions in related project/group" with three options: 1. <See entire project> (new window), 2. <Mark completed>, 3. <Close>
This pop-up feature could be default on for new projects with an Inspector tick box.
Yes, it would be great if we have the project show up when there is no action item associated with it (as long as there are items, even future items, it wouldn't show up), that way we can take action on the project (add a new task, hold, drop, etc.). As is, the extra appearance of the projects or groups is completely non-functional in my book since I can't really take any action on those items.

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