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I think you may have missed what I was suggesting... While I agree that there is definitely better nomenclature than Parent Context, my earlier post was suggesting that each Project and Action Group have an extra field to allow the user to specify a specific context (separate from the "Default Context") if they so desire.

While adding a new field may seem more cumbersome, it's one of those things that's useful if you want it, and can easily and safely be ignored if you don't. Nothing extra is needed in context view except to ensure that projects/action groups without a context simply don't appear at all.

I'm personally not in favour of the idea of putting an extra "bin" in context view, since that tends to defeat the purpose of context view IMHO. Having a "bin" with unassigned projects/action groups seems cumbersome regardless of whether they're listed under "No Context" or some other place. I'd rather they appear where they're specifically assigned or not appear at all.