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i currently switched back from toodledo to OF. quite some time has passed since i used OF and therefore some questions came up.

it is mainly regarding the treatment of waiting fors. OF can set a context to on hold and it it said that this is the intended function for waiting fors. it may be that i am missing something but i cant find any reason why the "waiting for" context should be set to on hold? perhaps someone can explain to me.

in my opinion the setting to on hold does not make sense, because i don't see WF tasks any more. i have to switch to the remaining status filter to see the tasks. this results in seeing tasks that are probably not relevant in the moment (for example in an sequential project). from a filter perspective this is ok. in fact the task is remaining in the project. but it is not relevant just now.

it would be kind if someone could post me the intended usage of the on hold function especially when using sequential projects. i really like to know if there are any new ways to fine tune my GTD implementation.