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First off all thanks for the reply.

i know it is mainly because of personal preference but i like to know the inteded implementation / workflow when setting a waiting for context to on hold. perhalpes someone can outline the working process a bit.

i can tell what i do. as the GTD methodology states, when i process my stuff i decide on the next action. if the desired outcome is not achieved with this action, i create a project an attach the action to this project. letīs say this is a call. when i did the call i want to track that the called person has to come beck to me with some results. i track this "task" by creating it, associating it to the project and then assotiating it the Waiting For context. when in "doing"-mode i can look at my WF list to see "real" WFs and assess them if i have to light a fire or something. when using the parallel project function i can plan the two actions (the call and the resulting WF) in planning mode. when i finish the call, the WF gehts available and is displayed in the WF context (assuming that the filter is set to available). this seems to me the described process of GTD.

now when i think of setting the WF context to on hold i cant imaginge a "working" process. the WF would never show up in contect mode. so i can't review this list to check if i have to light i fire,etc. the task is only seen, when i set the status filter to remaining but by filtering this way i see all tasks "planned" in the several projects. event those that are not relevant right now. regarding the example above i would see the WF without having called (completed the task before). so the resulting view will not support my review very effectively.

perhapes i miss something. is there another way to implement the GTD Workflow by using On Hold? what confuses me is, that Oh Hold for Context is the intended method for implementing WF. But i just can't see how this should work. setting the context not to on hold seems more "natural". and because itīs the intended method i would like to know the process how to do it that way.

maybe someone can help.

Best Regards