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Hello Gardener2,

thanks for the clarification. now i can see a little clearer. your first example shows a possible usage of the on hold context.

but let me ask one more question. how do you review these on hold (waiting for) actions? are you only doing this in project mode seeing the compete inventory of a projects tasks? i am aking because i still see the issue i mentioned above. if you use a sequential project and plan it with a WF task depending on another task. when wouo then switch to context mode you first dont see the task. you have to switch the filter to remaining. then you see the task but principally this task is not due now because the depending task has not been completed. so this view is useless. especially when you have a large volume of tasks.

so reflecting on the thoughts above, you can only see the tasks associated to an on hold context (WF) in project mode in a usefull manner. here you have additional information to evaluate the task against its context (the project). does this hit the point? however, i think this functionality could work in the situation you described.

thanks and best regards