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but let me ask one more question. how do you review these on hold (waiting for) actions? are you only doing this in project mode seeing the compete inventory of a projects tasks? i am aking because i still see the issue i mentioned above. if you use a sequential project and plan it with a WF task depending on another task.
When I use an On Hold Waiting For context, the Waiting For action is usually the Next Action for the project, and it will hold the whole project up, and it will hide the whole project and all of its subsequent tasks from me in my normal Context view. But that's what I want to happen - that's what I use Waiting For for, because I only use it when restarting the project is entirely someone else's problem.

I will see the project and the Waiting For action when I do a full review, because I do view Remaining tasks then, not just Available tasks. But I'll generally just glance at it and move on, because, again, I don't care about getting that project moving. In fact, I may use the review frequency feature to request a project review less often than once a week.

When I _do_ care about getting a project moving, I don't use Waiting For or On Hold at all. I instead create a "follow up" action with a future start date, and usually a Context of Agenda or Email, to get the project out of my view for a few days. If I get my response before the days are up, I go to Project view and check off the task, which makes the project visible again. If I don't get it, the "Follow up" task reappears, and I can choose to either follow up, or defer it again.

So in both cases I am hiding the project, either indefinitely or for a specific amount of time. But that's what I want - if there's nothing actionable on the project, I _want_ it to disappear.