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I hope this doesn't get turned into a "you're doing it wrong" thread, and I apologize in advance if it comes off that way.

I notice you have "Update address on driver's license". That's something that has a very specific next action, I would suppose. Do you know what that action is? Where you would need to be to do it? Do yo have to be at the DMV or can you do it online? Do you need any type of paperwork to be filled out?

Is this something you can call a friend up and ask them to do for you, without them needing to ask you for additional information?

I often find myself with many actions like this one, and they never get done because I haven't really figured out what it means. Usually it's because it's actually a multi-step *project* that needs to be broken down further, which may actually result in more specific contexts.

As a "knowledge worker" myself, who spends more time in front of a computer than away from one, I understand the difficulty in having these "people and places" contexts. I often end up spending time writing out a couple of sentences that describe how I would go about doing something, and in doing so, end up with the actual actions I need.

Sorry for the ramble. This is something that's close to home.