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That makes more sense. However, that's not what I'm seeing, unless I have a VERY specific set of filters set up in Context view. Otherwise, I get projects lumped in with everything else, with no information to tell me whether the project is completed or not.
The project shouldn't be styled as available until the contained actions are done...
And, truly, what context should the "Wanna check off the project for good?" action/project/item exist in? Per my earlier post, projects don't really belong to any given context -- the assignment is fairly arbitrary -- so there's no guarantee that the project will "pop up" per your example. It is just as likely to pop up in another context entirely, again, leaving me without the information I need to know whether the project's still open and has actions, whether it's stalled, etc...
I agree that in a restricted view, the project might not appear, but that is no worse than the previous state of affairs.
A more useful approach would be to add a "Yay! You're done!" next action to the end of every project, reminding you that it's time to close the project.
And in which context does that appear?

And I have to ask: What's the harm in having an empty project that's actually been completed? Until you're in Project/Planning mode, it won't get in your way at all. And once you are in that mode, well, then you have all the information you need to appropriately check off or add actions and extend open projects.
It is a major issue for repeating projects with a short repeat interval, because the next instance isn't created until the prior one is marked complete.
And, to be sure, checking off a project is NOT an action in and of itself. It's just a record keeping activity to clear off your list of "open loops." So, again, it doesn't belong in "Action Mode."
That same logic applies to checking off actions, does it not?

Workflow-wise, it would make more sense to have a special view for projects which have no more available actions. Something like... I dunno... "Stalled Projects." ;)
I do like the ability to see such projects easily in project mode, which the old version of the stalled filter provided.

Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but I'm pretty sure I remember there being an option to turn off the display of parents.