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Are you perhaps equating the Maps app on the iPhone with google maps? They are not the same! You need to go to, select a business search from the options, and then try your search, otherwise you are making a flawed comparison and will be led far astray...

I do find the process of getting a multiple item search string to be what I want to be a bit finicky, but don't see much to suggest that OmniFocus is the culprit. Many times the searches can be undone by errors in how someone has entered the business name or classification in the database.
As always, whpalmer4, a big "thank-you" for taking the time and trouble to respond. I did, a while back, learn the hard way that you need to check location-based contexts in google maps first, before entering them in OmniFocus. For example, I couldn't understand why when I entered "John Lewis" OmniFocus told me there was a branch on Victoria Street. I knew full well there wasn't! It turned out this was the address of their administrative offices and so I refined the criteria to "John Lewis stores" in google which returned the correct result, and then so did OmniFocus.

I'm just about to open a new thread on why I believe location-based contexts return incorrect data. If you have a moment, and the inclination, I'd love to know your thoughts on my theory. I'm a tough kid, so feel free to shoot me down in flames if I'm pontificating rubbish!