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I've been using OmniWeb as my default browser now for several months. Yes, it has now supplanted Safari!

However, there is one important, nagging issue for me: the Location Bar with Auto-Completion is very sluggish. Now, I've tried auto-completion off, but find it tedious to have to type in the full URL's for my frequently visited sites.

However, with auto-completion on, it often takes a second or longer to bring up the list of URL's. While OmniWeb is generating this list, it is unresponsive and doesn't display what I am typing into the location bar. The real killer here is that sometimes it doesn't capture every key that I type in. For example, I often have to type 'w' 'w' 'w' 'w' (four w's) to get "www" (three w's) into the location bar. Yes, it loses one of my keystrokes!

Admittedly have a slower machine (1 GHz G4), which probably compounds the problem, but still...

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