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Has there ever been any thought toward creating a cheaper, simplified version of Omnifocus?

I would recommend it to several people, but frankly the interface is quite daunting. I'm pretty tech-oriented, and I had quite a bit of a learning curve (and frankly, I still find myself a little confused by the interface from time to time). For a more novice Mac user, someone who's comfortable using iTunes, word processing, web browsing and the Finder and not a lot of other stuff -- I'd have to say OF might feel like a bit of a leap.

This is probably a really huge thing to bring up in a simple forum post, but if OmniFocus Lite existed, for say $30 or less, with a simplified interface -- I think that would be a great intro to GTD for people. The version we all have now feels like a "pro" version to me, for advanced users.

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