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It appears that the user name and password that OmniFocus for iPhone uses can get stuck on a particular value. If you enter a typo or if your login information changes, OmniFocus gets stuck using the bad/old information.

We're going to add some code in our next update that manually prompts you for another user name and password combo when we get a "403 forbidden" response to a sync.

For the time being, though, we'll work around the problem by doing the following:
In OmniFocus' settings screen, scroll down to the sync settings.
Tap "advanced", then enter "" into the "Location" field.
Tap 'done', then tap the sync button.

Your phone will attempt to contact our server for a sync; we'll prompt the phone to ask you for a new login and password.

Type in random gibberish for the user name and password - the point here is that we want our server to send you a 'bad password' response. (Do not type in the user name and password of the *account you're actually trying to sync with; we could read that data.)

In any case, when the password sheet comes down a second time, tap 'cancel', then set the phone up with the correct sync address and start a sync.

You should be asked for the user name and password to your sync location. Enter the new information and you should be back up and running.
I've attempted this method twice to no avail. It seems that there is omnifocus data being saved regardless of whether I delete the application and reinstall. Your assistance to solve this is greatly appreciated