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I look forward to the nirvana of OmniPlan kept on a server that is integrated with OmniFocus. Until that day. . . does anyone have any advice on software or methods of project management and collaboration.

Here is one situation:

I just finished leading a workshop that had a good 75 NA's it. I lead the workshop once a year, but there are 5 other people who will lead exact workshop and have to go through the same NA's. For myself, I am going to use Curt Clifton's template so I can replicate my NA's. I theoretically could export it to omnioutliner using Curt's script, but currently it doesn't support the start and due dates.

I would like to make all of the NA's and the timing of them somewhat of a routine. Consistently, people forget about small steps or things get stressful because things don't get done when then need to.

Would this be a good use for OmniPlan?

My biggest obstacle to OmniPlan is it seems like a difficult project to work out of— in other words, I would want to bring in all of my NA's into OmniFocus because that's what I have open every day.

Any thoughts would be welcome.