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I have a slightly different, but related use case.

I currently am teaching a class with two other instructors. They've both started to "drink the GTD kool-aid", but are on Windows and aren't as invested in the methodology as I am.

That said, we have worked together to create a template of all the actions that we need to collectively complete each week. Originally I had that template in OF and I was exporting to OO and creating a PDF from there for my colleagues. Because of the weekly nature of the template, we have due "dates" encoded in the action notes (e.g., "due on Tuesday of the week" or "due on Friday of the previous week"). It turns out for this collaborative work, the template that we share as the common view is not what I want in OmniFocus. In OF I just want my actions, with Waiting For actions for the things my colleagues have committed to delivering.

So currently, I maintain parallel versions of the template. One in OO showing a common view and color coded based on who is supposed to do what. The other in OF shows my view of the project. OmniPlan would seem like overkill for this, since there aren't complex dependencies or resources to manage. It's a bit annoying to maintain the two version, but far less annoying than having actions in my system that I wasn't responsible for completing.

For sharing a template that only one person would be responsible for completing, I think the Export to OO approach would be best. I'll eventually add date support to the script, but that's going to take a free couple of hours. That's more likely to happen once the weather turns cold or the Cubs' playoff run ends.